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I’m actually excited for my IOC tomorrow okay I like commentary and really I just wanted to get everything done and over with. My coordinator is also having a major shit fit like seriously you do not gave us a deadlines schedule and then five bloody months later CHANGED FUCKING THINGS LIKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU EVEN ARE WE JUST PUPPETS FOR YOU TO STRING ALONG it really getting on my nerve. Anyway, I actually made progressed on my ESS lab reports and my ITGS IA. I fixed two labs now, so four left until March 15. Also needed to finish editing stuffs for my ITGS IA and still read that HL chapter. Life, so exciting and full of possibilities. 

These past few weeks have been horrible for me. I feel like crying so many times, feel the tears pricked in my eyes but I just could not cry. Just read a White Collar fanfic and cried like a baby. I just need an outlet really. Anything to not feel like a balloon about to burst into million pieces.

Now though, with unexpected Les Miserables and White Collar feels, I am going to give myself a treat.

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    HANG IN THERE MAN! not long left! (I’m doing IB too, and I finish after May).
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